Slow food.
As it should be.

Wild Bread Co. is a shared decade-long journey by friends who are slow-food lovers.
It continues to evolve, delving into why traditional food is as good as it is.

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Beautiful bread, all in good time.

Born of mother dough Levain de pate, Wild Bread Co's bread is nurtured to perfection over three days using only ancient methods.

Our bread has only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and wild yeast. The most valuable ingredient is time, we give our bread 3 days to reach wholesome perfection.

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Slow, 3-day fermentation

Slow, natural and unhurried fermentation in the cool temperatures of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. No machines are involved in the making of our bread, only the ovens.

Low GI

Enzymes feed slowly and deeply on the nourishment within the stoneground flour, lowering the gluten index, naturally creating a lower pH and making it easily digestible.

Naturally Healthy

We've returned to original bread recipes and restore what has been lost through modern techniques due to additives designed to speed the process and save time — a process that has been detrimental to the product.

GMO Free

The key ingredient (flour) is sourced from the magnificent Champagne Valley Stonemill in the Drakensberg which we visit regularly. It is slow stoneground and GMO-free. Stoneground translates to optimal nutritional value.

Meet Paul

I did not find real sourdough, it is more truthful to say sourdough found me.

From our early days in Dr. Graeme Taute’s kitchen where my partner Glenn and Graeme fermented and adjusted recipes I was merely an observer, but a curious and questioning one at that.

Over the years I moved away from my managerial position in the big corporate world as leader in my field of horticulture, I freed myself to explore the passion of my various craft-hobbies.

One day Graeme said he was moving on and would no longer be baking bread. I remember the words that flowed were as easy as breathing to me. I suggested to Glenn that we buy Graeme’s business. He happily agreed and the legacy of his journey was able to continue.

Sourdough is a natural task master. The more one works with her the more she allows one into her world of deeper flavours. The simplicity of the pure ingredients and the process yields the hidden health benefits which so many have come to rely on.

This ancient art of bread making can testify to this. I am simply finding my own unique signature in this diverse world of honest bread.

Each day is new, each season brings its own challenges with varying temperatures and humidity.

It depends on the experience gained over the years to feel my way into the dough-mass to hydrate perfectly, rest appropriately to achieve the perfect ferment for the perfect loaf.

This is a beautiful daily dance with nature.

- Paul Hildyard

Photo of Paul, the baker

Our passion for slow food

Sheath of wheat

From the beginning we have followed the ratios and methods of Raymond Calvel, a French bread expert and professor of baking at ENSMIC in France. He is widely credited with the revival of French-style bread-making in France and the world. His investment in the science of making real bread inspires each of our bakes.

In the spirit of slow food, we avoid mass-produced. Our bread is lovingly handmade in a process that takes three days and which uses no machinery other than the ovens.

We are a proud member of the Slow Food ® Community

Other slow family

Driven by changing ingredients and seasons, we regularly create a range of other slow foods to enjoy. Our bread making courses are available to six eager bakers per course.

Glass of kombucha


A delicious 10 to 14 day ferment produces a refreshing and bubbly kombucha packed with health benefits.

Bottles of sriracha


A natural slow fermentation of fresh red chillies, some salt, natural vinegars. Pasteurised. It has a unique and indelible ZING; This changes everything!

Bread dough in a basket

Bread Courses

Kick start your journey through our sourdough courses where you’ll learn the essential steps to create your own delicious sourdough.

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As our hands are often lovingly tending to dough, it's best to reach out to us via WhatsApp.
Just 3 days notice needed.

WhatsApp: 064 737 9200

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